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Server Rent 
We offer VPS in 14 regions around the world, with more powerful bare metal servers in 6 of them. We provide an extremely stable service online all year round. And use AMD EPYC processors in it for powerful performance. We utilize the services of several cloud service providers to ensure the speed of connecting to our servers anywhere in the world. At the same time, we provide BGP Session, you can declare your own IP address on our server.
GPU Cloud
We provide GPU server rental projects in the United States and Singapore, where you can rent a variety of high-performance GPUs including Tesla A100, Quadro A6000 to support your service or research.
Developer test platform
We will launch an online AI testing platform similar to Google Colab in the future, it is completely free! We are committed to learner developers who can learn AI at low cost and provide corresponding help to learners

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